AMR Home Textiles is a textile company with specific products for Home and Hotel sector. Home’s line is essentially destined to exportation which is sold on Department Stores, composed by bed, table and bath.

Hotel’s line is composed by a high/luxury range and an average range. It offers all the necessary products for bed, bath, table and supplements which are all made in Portugal with a «state of the art technology» that assures the best combination between high quality standards and the remarkable worldwide known tradition of portuguese textile products. The manufacture of its products follows the continuous evolution of fashion trends, both in design and delicacy of fabrics as in the composition of the raw materials used, which are transformed through the highest quality standards.

The company owns a quality management system implemented according to the norm NP ISO 9001:2015 and for the following scope:

Conception, development, manufaturing and commercialization of textiles products.

It also owns a OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate to its products.

AMR Home Textiles also manufactures products from organic and biological certified raw materials contributing significantly to the sustainability of the planet.

AMR Home Textiles exports  its products for five continents.